November 4th, 2013




Our blogs posts may be sporadic again.


This blogger is attempting to do NaNoWriMo, taking online classes and attempting to manage the blog and other computer-requred tasks.  Her computer has other ideas.  Such normal functions as highlighting, scrolling, copying, saving, and opening tabs, windows, or whatnot are becoming quite uncooperative already despite the computer only being a couple weeks old, brand new Windows 8 computer.  This means that not only will the blog likely be unfinished many days, but so will all other tasks and the gray hair may all be pulled out by the end of the month. Please be patient with us.  Health and computer issues are making it extremely difficult to accomplish our usual tasks but we are doing the best we can (which may not be good enough for most).


Some of the writers born November 4th include:

Sterling North (1906), Walter Cronkite (1916), Eugene Sledge (1923), Hannah Weiner (1928), Frank J. Prial (1930), C. K. Williams (1936), Gail E. Haley (1939), Marlène Jobert (1943), Charles Frazier (1950), Alhaii Moulana Ghousavi Shah (1955), Marc Awodey (1960), Matthew Tobin Anderson (1968), Bethenny Frankel (1970), and Curtis Stone (1975).



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